Least Best Beast


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A video of a recent show where the bass makes the camera appear underwater.


Least Best Beast is three punks making music and noise in the basement of a tattoo shop. While the sound that comes blasting out of that basement may feel familiar, Least Best Beast takes that feeling to new places with an original and fresh take on post-punk rock music.

All three of them have been playing in bands since a young age. Patrick (bass) and Joe (guitar/vocals) were jamming together for a few months, but were having trouble finding a drummer. Most were lost to spontaneous combustion.

Serendipitously, Stella (drums), had recently set up shop at Pat’s “Speakeasy Tattoo Studio” in Peekskill, NY. When Stella overheard Pat bitching about their search for a drummer, she didn’t miss a beat... and it was quickly apparent at the trio’s first session that it was a perfect fit and the Beast was born.

The first Beast record was recorded at world famous Studio G in Brooklyn. The second was recorded at Speakeasy Tattoo. Both helmed by the indefatigable Matt Labozza who masterfully channels the essence of Least Best Beast to digital tape.

Unleast The Beast (album #2) is being released on October 9 at the exciting 1 2 Heart U event. Be sure to come hear them play the album in full live in the street.


Hey, reach out to us. We are very approachable. Either come up to us at the next show or introduce yourself on the street or send us mail: [email protected]. Cheers!


"Easily one of the most sizzling bands of the Hudson Valley."
- The Drummer's Neighbor